FOOD AFFAIRS offers full service research – both qualitative and quantitative – into how the food and travel industries can reach, interest, inspire, and motivate Foodies.

Foodies Everyday: The Foodie Study 

The Foodie study is the premier syndicated, quantitative study of Foodies. Whether cooking at home, taking out, or dining out at a restaurant, Foodies take their selections seriously. We provide valuable insight into what factors influence these decisions and how you can use them in the process of creating and marketing your brands. We identify and measure consumer behavior, attitudes, wants, needs, and beliefs to help marketers of food and beverages. The Foodie Study provides valuable insight to understand and influence this important consumer segment.

The Foodie Travel Study

The Foodie Travel Study is syndicated quantitative research of the culinary traveler, a crucial group within the travel industry as well as to the marketers of products affected by the influences and preferences they return home with. Foodies make their traveling and dining out decisions while traveling thoughtfully. We provide valuable insight into what factors influence these decisions and how you can use them to attract Foodies to your locations. We measure Foodie travelers’ beliefs and behaviors to reveal how, where, why, and when they travel, with a primary focus on food-related experiences.

Foodie Concept Research

These studies examine new product and service introductions through the eyes of Foodies. Foodies are an important market segment in and of themselves, and Foodie attitudes and behaviors are precursors for the general population. We measure interest and trial, reasons why, and determine the product’s trial potential and source of trial. These reports allow clients to evaluate new introductions among the Foodie group, and measure their prospects among the general population as well.

Custom Research

We know that companies are in varying degrees of relationship with Foodies. That’s why we provide custom qualitative and quantitative research alongside our other services. Whether it’s to know how your brands fit into their Foodie lifestyle, or what your brands most compelling Foodie characteristics are, we bring clients up close and personal with Foodies.

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