FOOD AFFAIRS is the premier research company that focuses exclusively on food and Foodies, the largest-growing opportunity group for food and travel industry marketers.

The food and travel industries have changed significantly over the past decade, and with that change has emerged a prime target market— Foodies. Our experience with Foodies suggests that this group has developed increasingly greater influence and purchasing power, yet the food and travel industries have not adequately responded to this immense shift. 

That is, until FOOD AFFAIRS. We work with all sectors of the food and travel industries to help our clients better understand this powerful growing market.

For every food, beverage, and travel business – mainstream or specialty, product or service, retail or online, serving the at home or away-from-home Foodie, FOOD AFFAIRS provides the most unique and comprehensive food marketing insight available. Learn more here

Founders Hal Hauser and Shelley Forrester are consumer research experts with extensive experience working with marketers large and small. Join them in their quest to define, understand, and uniquely target this impassioned segment of those who live to eat. Learn more about our management team here